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        National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnical Institute” (NTUU “KPI”) is one of the greatest and the most famous universities of Europe. It trains specialists in the priorities of development of Ukraine and the world. In January 2001 in the NTUU “KPI” the first ukrainian Faculty of biotechnology and biotechnics was created based on the section of biotechnology of the department of general and bioorganic chemistry. It was headed by Shinkarenko L.N. “KPI” have shown itself not just as a founder of a new direction of specialists training, but also as a founder of a new view on the life realities.


     Since 2006 the faculty is being headed by doctor of biological sciences, professor Dugan Oleksiy Martimyanovych. The faculty contains 4 departments: industrial biotechnology, biotechnics and engineery, ecobiotechnology and bioenergetics, bioinformatics.


       Biotechnology is a science of creating products and materials using live organisms and special equipment – biotechnics:


·        Industrial biotechnology develops and applies technologies of obtaining of biologically active substances, medications, nutritional supplements, bacterial fertilizers, methods of plant protection etc.


·                       Biotechnic and Engineering is an important component of any industrial process of production of biotechnological and pharmaceutical products, so you need to design advanced equipment in the industry.


·                                 Ecobiotechnology and bioenergy give humanity renewable energy sources – alcohols, carbohydrates, hydrogen derived from the developed technologies of bioconversion of industrial and agricultural waste.


·                                                                   Bioinformatics allows to model biotechnological processes during the design of industrial technologies, to analyze and predict the properties of new biological structures and molecules.


The faculty trains specialists in specialties:


  • ·         Industrial Biotechnology
  • ·         Equipment of pharmaceutical and microbiological industries
  • ·         Environmental Biotechnology and Bioenergy
  • ·         Molecular Biotechnology

Training is carried out on the budgetary and contract basis (stationary, part-time) in the three educational qualification levels - Bachelor, Specialist and Master. Also PhDs are trained.